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Links to the Wright Brothers' Story


Aviation Trail's parachute collection information (provided by Dave Gold) is in the process of
being placed on the Special Collections and Archives, Wright State University.

To enter the Dave Gold parachure collection directly click here

The Dayton Aviation Heritage National Park honors the Wright Brothers and has a section on Paul Lawrence Dunbar who lived in the same neighborhood.  The site is regularly updated.  Teaching with historic places curriculum guide may be downloaded. Students can view and print information packets providing information for reports and school projects. Activities are also available and include a Junior Ranger book.

The National Museum of the Air Force is the world's largest and oldest military aviation museum has FREE admission and parking. Click on the website for information on how to plan your visit.

Each year the National Aviation Hall of Fame hosts the oscar night of aviation where aviation heroes are enshrined.  The National Aviation Hall of Fame is open daily – location – National Museum of the United States Air Force.  One of the 2006 enshrinees is Bessie Coleman.  This site has a section for teachers – Click on that section and explore possibilities.

In November of 2004, Congress recognized the Dayton area as the National Aviation Heritage Area in honor of the region's leadership in aviation history.  Aviation Trail is featured on this website as well as tourist information.

News and events related to aviation

Dayton Innovation Legacy reveals the stories and strategies of Dayton's innovators through multimedia. This website helps educate, uncover local history, build local pride and inspire today's innovators.

Tim Gaffney Aviation writer maintains his website on what is happening in aviation.  He also lists special events

For information on the dates for the Dayton Airshow.

Conquest of the Air is a team from radio station WCRS for the blind in Akron, Ohio who have covered the Centennial of Practical Flight at Huffman Prairie: Aviations Field of Dreams.  The web address has the message that Neil Armstrong gave during the Centennial of Flight at Woodland Cemetery.  It tells how he admired the Wright Brothers.  You can record the message off the air. 

Want to learn more about the Wrights
: An Online Scrapbook of Ohio History

People are curious about the lives of famous people.  Perhaps you would like to see Orville Wright’s report card or see a picture of the brothers’ tools.  Search the entries and under and photos under the Wrights.

The Renstrom Chronology commemorating the 100th Anniversary of the Birth of Orville Wright has been reissued in a PDF format. It is particularly useful because it is word searchable.


Reliving the Wright Way is part of an artifact gallery on the Wright Brothers containing report cards, diaries, letters, photo of their bicycle, as well as the famous telegram. Wilbur’s letter to the Smithsonian can be printed out. Click through the digitized photos of the artifacts

Wright Again is a cooperative effort through the Franklin Institute in Philadelphia

Problem solving with the Wrights on Think TV

The National Air and Space Museum now has The Wright Brothers and The Invention of the Aerial Age.  This coincides with the opening of the new Wright Brothers exhibit at the National Air and Space Museum.  Sections include Who Were Wilbur and Orville?  Great section on artifacts related to the Wright Brothers. Also click on music inspired by their invention.   Interactive experiments – experiment with pitch, roll and yaw
Welcome to the Wright Brothers Aeroplane Company & Virtual Museum of Pioneer Aviation
Unique programs, opportunities, and information are found at this virtual aviation museum site. 
The Aerospace Education home page of the National Civil Air Patrol has one of the most impressive links to aviation sites.

As a child, Dr. Stimson lived just down the street from Orville Wright.  He developed such an interest that he shares a selection of little known Wright Stories and information about the Wrights. Dr. Stimson lives in North Carolina and is active with First Flight.

Visit the Dayton Room of the Dayton Metro Library on the web and see the postcard collection including the living
American Flag created by school children for Dayton’s 1909 Homecoming honoring the Wright Brothers.  Other resources include the contents of a rare scrapbook kept by the Wright Family and given to the library. The newspaper clippings are sharper digitally than they are in the scrapbook.
The online presentation of The Wilbur and Orville Wright Papers at the Library of Congress, comprising about 10,121 library items or approximately 49,084 digital images, documents the lives of Wilbur and Orville Wright and highlights their pioneering work which led to the world's first powered, controlled and sustained flight

Travelers to the Dayton area might visit the Wilbur Wright Birthplace in Indiana

First Flight Society shares a common bond of interest in aviation and in preserving the legacy of the Wright Brothers.

The University of Liverpool has a research website on the Wright Brothers and how they were able to succeed.